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Nashville Portrait Photographer


Q. Am I able to choose the images that are edited?


A. Yes! The selection process is all on you, all images are sent through a site that allows you to go through one by one and make your selections!


Q. Are Props Supplied?


A. Any props that you would like to use, will need to be brought to your session. We do not supply props.


Q. Can prints be purchased?


A. Yes! I offer amazing printing services that include standard, canvas, books, and specialty prints! Please inquire if interested.


Q. What is the difference between an On-Location session and a In-Studio session?


A. On-Location simply means that we will both decide on a place to meet to have our session, this could be a park, museum, house, etc. An In-Studio session means that our session will be at an indoor studio.


Q. Can I book a session if I am not in Dallas, TX?

A. Absolutely! Just make sure that we are able to connect to coordinate arrangements before reserving your time slot.


Q. Can I have the RAW images?


A. RAW images are ONLY released under very special circumstances for an additional price.


Q. Are studio sessions available?


A. Absolutely! For studio sessions please contact us via email or by phone to ensure that the space is available during the date/time you would like!


Q. How are images returned after they are edited?


A. With the exceptions of weddings, images are returned via Dropbox Link. Images are available to download for a minimum of 4-months.


Q. Are you willing to travel?


A. Absolutely, please reach out to inquire about setting up travel arrangements!


Q. How long does it take to receive images after my session?


A. Generally, images are returned within 6-12 Business days. During peak seasons, please be aware that the time may vary. Please plan accordingly.


Q. Do you offer classes on photography?

A. I am currently working on something that will benefit all the inspiring portrait photographers! More details coming soon!


Q. None of the sessions fit my needs, what should I do?

A. Reach out to me so I can help accommodate your needs.

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