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Owner and Photographer of A. F E R R E L L .

I consider myself a natural born creative with a shared passion in both photography and music. My journey as a photographer began in October 2014 while roaming the windy streets of Chicago. That experience created a passion that followed me all the way back to Nashville, creating the artist you now see today. Completely self-taught, I've learned to create a visual style that is unique to myself that is clean, vibrant, and tells a story.




I am inspired by both fashion and lifestyle photography. I enjoy my work most when I am able to meld those two styled together.


Being self-taught, I do not believe in keeping my techniques on composition and editing a secret. I learned by studying the work of people I admired. With that said, if you would like to know more about how to improve as a photographer, I do offer sessions just for photographers on both shooting and editing.  Contact me for more information.