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Meet Anthony

Owner and Photographer of A. F E R R E L L .

My journey as a photographer began in 2014 on a visit to Chicago. I had never picked up a camera with seriousness until then, but I was completely thrown off by how a story could be told from just one image. And from an image that I took at that! That is when I decided that I should probably stick with it for a while and see where it goes. Definitely the 2nd best decision I have ever made (My Wife is my first)!


I am self-taught in all aspects of photography. Eventually I learned to create a visual style that is unique to myself, clean, vibrant, and is able to tell a story.


In every session, my goal is not just to take amazing pictures, that will happen regardless. The ultimate goal is to establish the type of connection that truly turns those images from just "pictures" to moments in time. Well taken pictures are always great, but a moment is a memory that lasts a lifetime. When you look back at your images from our session, I want you to be reminded of that milestone, academic accomplishment, loved one, or that celebration of life. Not just think "I looked cute that day".


My services are more than just transactions, but they are experiences! I would absolutely love to capture those moments more you if given the opportunity!




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