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Black Luv

"Unconditional love will have the final word in reality."– Martin Luther King Jr.

Black luv is a series highlighting the raw emotions and feelings of what love truly consists of within the black community.

Social media leads us to believe that love is a perfect world. That's the outside world perspective, but there are many facets to our love. I felt it was time someone opened that veil.


 Love within the African American culture has a deep history. A history that nurtured some of our greatest strengths, but in the same vain instilled the path to some of our major weaknesses.


Just imagine being two adults forced to hide your marriage from a man that isn't even your father or related to you for that matter, all because it risks separating you from your soulmate (Slavery).


Now think of the generational impact that has made on our culture over the years. Love has many layers within our culture, and this is the project that plans to peel those layers.

Love isn't always as easy as people make it sound. Truthfully it's our greatest challenge, but it's also our greatest reward.

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