My name is Anthony; I am the owner and creator of Anthony-Ferrell Photography. All images seen on the website were captured and edited solely by me. Now on to the important stuff!

So who am I?

I am a(n)...

Husband. Photographer. Creator. Story Teller. Entrepreneur. Visionary. Artist. 

To name a few.

As an introvert, I struggled with how to express my thoughts and feelings growing up.  Eventually, I began exploring different outlets of expression. I even learned how to play multiple instruments over the years until one day; someone placed a camera in my hands. 


I was completely captured at how I could tell a story with a click of a button, and from that moment, I dedicated my time to learning the craft! 


With that said, I am self-taught, and it has definitely been a journey, but it has allowed me to explore and make the necessary mistakes needed to create the unique style you see today! Even to this day, I am still focused on learning and refining to improve my clients' experiences!

My goal as a photographer is not just to aim the camera and take a photo. The ultimate goal is to establish a connection with people to turn those "pictures" into moments.


Great pictures in technicality can be great, but does that image connect with you on a deeper level? If not, then it's just a great photo with no significance.


I'm not here just to take photos. I'm here to help tell stories and create moments.

So to all the individuals that have trusted me with capturing their moment...


 I am grateful!

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